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Thank you for visiting my website. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call or email, I'm standing by to assist you.

About Carlos Nelson

Investor & real estate agent, hold Electrical Engineering and MBA degrees from Brigham Young University. Have extensive experience in real estate investing, consulting, and marketing as well as a licensed Realtor since 2002. My well rounded background will help you see the transaction from different angles and expertise than other professionals in the real estate field.

When you hire me, you're hiring a seasoned real estate professional who understands real estate from a multitude of different angles and a support team available from 9 am - 8 pm, M-F as well as Saturdays on appointment.

So, when you call, someone will either answer your call immediately or get back to you shortly. So, you're not left hanging waiting to hear from your realtor for days.

If you're a BUYER, as your agent, I will help you:

  • Determine what steps to take first on your path buying a house successfully and with complete satisfaction
  • Develop a purchasing strategy depending on the type of home buyer you are
    • First time
    • Second time
    • Luxury home
    • econdary seasonal home
    • nvestor
  • Market overview to help you see where to find the homes you're looking for, in your price range, and save you your precious time and money researching, making phone calls and driving for hours trying to get the information you're looking for, sometimes running in circles
  • Spot the right properties
  • Negotiate by implementing techniques that will help you get the best value for the property, if you follow my advice; multiple buyers have purchased properties through me who's purchase price has been up to $15,000 below appraisal
  • Understand the purchase process, contracts and what to put in your offers to protect you and help you get the best value
  • Help you determine the steps you need to take to establish the condition of the house
  • Make it a painless transaction process, which consists of dozens of steps to get you from considering in buying a house to getting your keys
  • Get a FREE consultation with a staging and decorating professional with many years of experience in different parts around the country to help you come up with ideas and plans to make your house look amazing (ask for details)

If you're a SELLER, as your agent, I will help you:

  • Come up with a winning plan to sell your house within your time frame expectations
  • Establish a strategy so that you can sell your house at top dollar
  • Pay, so that you get a FREE consultation with a staging and decorating professional to give you ideas and plans on what to do to make your house look the best for pictures and potential buyers, increasing your opportunity to get top dollar for your house (ask for details)
  • Pay, so that you get for FREE hands-on services of a person who will to help you execute the staging and decorating ideas (ask for details)
  • Pay, so that you get for FREE a professional photographer so that your house presentation is pristine in all your marketing materials and online marketing
  • Pay, so that you get for FREE an appraisal, to give you a solid idea of your house value and avoid guessing games (ask for details)
  • Market the property so that you can get top dollar for your property by showing your house in hundreds of different real estate sites
  • Give you prominent exposure on Zillow and other prominent websites
  • Renew our online marketing every day or every other day so that your house has a fresh exposure to clients
  • Negotiate top dollar offers; I've helped clients get offers above asking price
  • Understand the listing and selling process, contracts and how to respond to single or multiple offer situations to protect you and help you get top dollar for your house

When you hire me, you're hiring a professional who will provide you with an enormous amount of value and make your selling process painless.

Always keeping your needs in mind, it is my focus to help you go through a smooth transaction of selling your home. Having a hassle free transaction is one of main main priorities and like you to be able to relay to your friends, family and people you know that selling your house through me was a fantastic experience!

Please visit my website today for further details or simply call or text me today to start marketing your home. My goal is to find the right and best buyer for your home within your time frame!

Look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Carlos Nelson

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